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iFantasyFitness, sometimes written !FantasyFitness, is a summer training game. You get points by exercising, and the people and teams with the most points win.

What Counts

Generally, anything that requires you to change clothes and results in a high heart rate. This includes things like aerobically-intensive sports, strength training, fitness classes, biking, and even power walks. Just make sure that you're getting a good workout when you count your points.

It does not include low-intensity activity like household chores, short walks, wrestling with younger cousins, or your commute between classes, nor does it include non-aerobic activity like dancing, golf, or Wii Fit.

The point is: you should only give yourself points if you believe that you got a good workout in.

Miles to Points Conversion

Everything you do gets converted to points. The current conversions are:

  • Running: 1 point per mile
  • Classic rollerskiing: 0.75 points per mile
  • Skate rollerskiing: 0.5 points per mile
  • Road biking: 1 point per 3 miles
  • Mountain biking: 1 point per 1.5 miles
  • Walking: 1 point per mile
  • Hiking with Packs: 2 points per mile
  • Swimming: 4 points per mile
  • Paddling: 1.5 points per mile
  • Strength training: 1 point per 15 minutes
  • Aerobic sports: 1 point per 30 minutes

You can get Team Running points at Tuesday Monument and Saturday Brunch practices. Details are generally posted on the team wiki page ahead of time.

Altitude Compensation Bonus

If you're at altitude - no worries, we recognize that your oxygen supply is limited, so you get a multiplier depending on how high up you are:

  • Below 5,280 feet: 1× multiplier of your total score
  • 5,280 to 8,000 feet: 1.2× multiplier of your total score
  • 8,000 to 10,000 feet: 1.4× multiplier of your total score
  • 10,000 to 12,500 feet: 1.6× multiplier of your total score
  • 12,500 to 15,000 feet: 1.8× multiplier of your total score
  • Above 15,000 feet: 2× multiplier of your total score

Note: coaches may ask you for verification of your altitude, so we suggest taking photos or using a GPS watch while you're up there.

Caps and Limits

There is only one "true" limit: be honest with what you log. We generally don't have an issue, but please don't put in more than what you actually did. If in doubt, round down.

For Highland leagues, some activities are limited, or "capped", at certain thresholds. The current caps are:

  • Strength training: 14 points per week
  • Aerobic sports: 28 points per week

Carleton leagues are not subject to caps.

For iFantasyFitness, one week is 7 consecutive days. We check and clear cap data every night.

What You Get

Aside from a better athletic base, iFantasyFitness has a couple awards that you can be eligible for:

  • Top individual: be in the top two men/women of your division. (This is for Upperclassmen and Underclassmen divisions only)
  • Top team: be on the winning team.
  • Distance awards: run a lot! Thresholds are below.

We hand out awards at the August Team BBQ at the end of the season.

Distance awards

Distance stars are awarded to people that run a lot. You'll get a certificate if you reach Gold, a t-shirt if you reach Platinum, and a bar for your letter jacket if you reach Diamond. Pretty sweet stuff. The thresholds are:


  • Bronze: 150 miles
  • Silver: 240 miles
  • Gold: 325 miles
  • Platinum: 400 miles
  • Diamond: 500 miles
  • Tungsten: 600 miles


  • Bronze: 100 miles
  • Silver: 200 miles
  • Gold: 250 miles
  • Platinum: 300 miles
  • Diamond: 400 miles
  • Tungsten: 500 miles

iFantasyFitness: Train Competitively

iFantasyFitness is Highland Park Cross Country's way of summer training. By training competitively, the team gets stronger.

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Copyright © Highland Park Cross Country 2012-2019DFTBA