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Place User TeamPoints
1Celeste Alden La Rayna Unida 1,401.312
2Renee SwansonShmoll but Mighty1,004.967
3Molly Moening Shmoll but Mighty912.604
4Clare SwansonNanna’s Piranhas882.267
5Claire Temali The FaNatics760.847
6Maeve Moening Perros de la pradera 750.571
7Angela Lindsay-JohnsonShmoll but Mighty680.300
8Erica Sean MeyersHighland Parkers672.772
9Delia Johnson Catch Up and Mustard659.475
10jen rusch Shmoll but Mighty615.583
11Ellie ShurosThe Ottoman Empire601.115
12Claire Wilcox La Rayna Unida 600.375
13Silja Earl-Torniainen Perros de la pradera 575.118
14Rayna AxelsonLa Rayna Unida 565.764
15Adeline Fabel Catch Up and Mustard561.983
16Sara FabelCatch Up and Mustard546.458
17Grace McCulloch The Round Table544.067
18Caroline Harding Catch Up and Mustard534.525
19Anna Schmidt Nanna’s Piranhas529.355
20Gretchen Sage-Martinson Highland Parkers526.070
21Kathryn AudetteHighland Parkers499.903
22Lauren MendozaLa Rayna Unida 448.608
23Jaclyne JandroThe Daehlie llamas 435.609
24Eileen MoeningPfantasy Fitness424.648
25Deliah Neria Nanna’s Piranhas400.107
26Stephanie AldenThe FaNatics392.743
27Isabella Pfankuch The Daehlie llamas 366.877
28Ellie Egbert La Rayna Unida 366.303
29Chloe Koch The Daehlie llamas 363.073
30Sandy GrossShmoll but Mighty347.150
31Berit NelsonThe Daehlie llamas 345.525
32Liv FabelNanna’s Piranhas338.542
33Anna Gregg EscalantePerros de la pradera 329.557
34Emily Klatt Shmoll but Mighty327.450
35Marcy HartfordPfantasy Fitness313.500
36Carol GrossShmoll but Mighty257.183
37Alivia ArredondoThe FaNatics237.980
38Angie CorbettThe Round Table224.400
39Jennifer KrzmarzickPfantasy Fitness212.700
40Andrea EgbertThe Daehlie llamas 212.207
41Eleanor OsmondThe Ottoman Empire211.047
42Julia Thompson The FaNatics204.523
43Amelie IsomNanna’s Piranhas201.302
44Anita TerryThe Daehlie llamas 200.433
45Janet Palas The FaNatics198.833
46Kimberly EssoHighland Parkers178.333
47Claire DwyerCatch Up and Mustard166.200
48Marge IsomThe Daehlie llamas 149.597
49Frances AtmoreCatch Up and Mustard144.621
50Rebeca EscalanteLa Rayna Unida 141.339
51Abby HolmquistThe FaNatics95.000
52Madison LindemanCatch Up and Mustard68.623
53Leah VanDassorThe Round Table68.350
54Elsa SnowbeckThe Round Table61.267
55josie khanPerros de la pradera 49.800
56Lia WallacePerros de la pradera 46.167
57Melissa FreemanLa Rayna Unida 25.000
58Delaney LumpkinLa Rayna Unida 0.000

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iFantasyFitness is Highland Park Cross Country's way of summer training. By training competitively, the team gets stronger.

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