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Place User TeamRunning
1Ben Earl-Moseley The FaNatics916.300
2Calvin Boone Catch Up and Mustard650.450
3Eli Sage-Martinson Nanna’s Piranhas601.000
4Marcus Hansen Perros de la pradera 563.000
5Conor Gregg Escalante The Round Table496.590
6jen rusch Shmoll but Mighty443.000
7Sam Vanspriell The Round Table410.900
8Jesse Peterson The Daehlie llamas 403.800
9Joshua Hoang Catch Up and Mustard364.000
10Molly Moening Shmoll but Mighty357.200
11Celeste Alden La Rayna Unida 348.580
12Sid Gross Perros de la pradera 335.480
13Ian Boylan The Daehlie llamas 331.720
14Noah Campbell The Round Table309.200
15Grace McCulloch The Round Table300.900
16Delia Johnson Catch Up and Mustard299.240
17Quincy Altman The Ottoman Empire298.220
18Oliver Paleen Shmoll but Mighty293.470
19Caroline Harding Catch Up and Mustard288.200
20Alex Pfankuch Pfantasy Fitness278.550
21Aidan Alme Highland Parkers265.000
22Lance Georgeson The Round Table255.630
23Kristofer Johnson Pfantasy Fitness247.500
24Ben Martin The Round Table244.420
25Christopher Snowbeck The Ottoman Empire222.100
26Chris Jandro Nanna’s Piranhas219.430
27Maeve Moening Perros de la pradera 216.850
28Brad Moening Pfantasy Fitness213.500
29Indy Larsen Catch Up and Mustard212.530
30Parker Johnson Highland Parkers207.000
31Chloe Koch The Daehlie llamas 206.550
32Otto Schmidt The Ottoman Empire200.000
33Jon Isom The Ottoman Empire199.000
34Evan Schroeder Pfantasy Fitness197.120
35Jonathan Sage-Martinson La Rayna Unida 196.200
36Deliah Neria Nanna’s Piranhas192.140
37Nathaniel Alden The FaNatics190.700
38Silja Earl-Torniainen Perros de la pradera 172.600
39Claire Wilcox La Rayna Unida 161.090
40Theo Sage-Martinson Pfantasy Fitness160.250
41Anna Schmidt Nanna’s Piranhas159.850
42John Martin Pfantasy Fitness147.100
43Emily Klatt Shmoll but Mighty147.050
44Claire Temali The FaNatics140.390
45Adeline Fabel Catch Up and Mustard128.500
46Jeffrey Schmidt Highland Parkers126.850
47Isabella Pfankuch The Daehlie llamas 125.390
48Davis Isom The Daehlie llamas 116.070
49Gretchen Sage-Martinson Highland Parkers103.250
50Julia Thompson The FaNatics103.000
51Ellie Egbert La Rayna Unida 102.330
52Janet Palas The FaNatics102.000
53Will RobertsonNanna’s Piranhas97.500
54Lauren MendozaLa Rayna Unida 84.950
55Greg EgbertShmoll but Mighty81.200
56Frances AtmoreCatch Up and Mustard80.600
57Kimberly EssoHighland Parkers80.000
58Sara FabelCatch Up and Mustard71.700
59Eleanor OsmondThe Ottoman Empire71.000
60Angie CorbettThe Round Table69.600
61Boomer MoeningLa Rayna Unida 63.800
62Jack JohnsonNanna’s Piranhas62.200
63Rayna AxelsonLa Rayna Unida 61.220
64Avery FarmerHighland Parkers57.560
65Max ReemtsmaThe Daehlie llamas 53.620
66Renee SwansonShmoll but Mighty53.350
67Anita TerryThe Daehlie llamas 52.650
68Connor KenefickThe Round Table52.500
69Berit NelsonThe Daehlie llamas 49.700
70Sandy GrossShmoll but Mighty48.950
71Kathryn AudetteHighland Parkers46.800
72Alivia ArredondoThe FaNatics46.500
73Claire DwyerCatch Up and Mustard43.200
74Anna Gregg EscalantePerros de la pradera 41.320
75Alex PHighland Parkers41.240
76Eric BoylanThe Round Table40.500
77Patrick BoylanShmoll but Mighty40.300
78Craig FarmerThe Round Table39.000
79Erica Sean MeyersHighland Parkers34.000
80Marcy HartfordPfantasy Fitness34.000
81Paul JohnsonThe Ottoman Empire33.500
82Tawfeeq AkindeleCatch Up and Mustard29.850
83Kaiden ThiersNanna’s Piranhas29.000
84Liv FabelNanna’s Piranhas28.200
85Michael GrossLa Rayna Unida 28.200
86Will AltmanHighland Parkers25.000
87Madison LindemanCatch Up and Mustard24.790
88Carol GrossShmoll but Mighty21.500
89Abby HolmquistThe FaNatics19.900
90Drew StrautmanThe Ottoman Empire19.250
91Kevin HardingThe Ottoman Empire16.600
92chris almeThe Ottoman Empire16.270
93Jaclyne JandroThe Daehlie llamas 15.400
94Amelie IsomNanna’s Piranhas13.500
95Julian KlemannLa Rayna Unida 13.000
96Andrea EgbertThe Daehlie llamas 11.000
97Justin TaylorPerros de la pradera 11.000
98Lia WallacePerros de la pradera 10.500
99Cole JohnsonHighland Parkers9.500
100Smithers PaleenShmoll but Mighty9.000
101Jennifer KrzmarzickPfantasy Fitness8.400
102Clare SwansonNanna’s Piranhas7.700
103Adam SwansonNanna’s Piranhas7.000
104Ellie ShurosThe Ottoman Empire6.300
105Joey TemaliPerros de la pradera 5.500
106Max GrossPerros de la pradera 3.500
107Elsa SnowbeckThe Round Table3.300
108Emmett DonohuePerros de la pradera 2.000
109Marge IsomThe Daehlie llamas 2.000
110josie khanPerros de la pradera 2.000
111David ZeitchickPfantasy Fitness1.000
112Shawn ThiersThe FaNatics0.600
113Allan ShurosThe FaNatics0.000
114Jeremy AldenThe FaNatics0.000
115Angela Lindsay-JohnsonShmoll but Mighty0.000
116Eileen MoeningPfantasy Fitness0.000
117Stephanie AldenThe FaNatics0.000
118John GreggThe Ottoman Empire0.000
119Rebeca EscalanteLa Rayna Unida 0.000
120Leah VanDassorThe Round Table0.000
121Remy NeriaThe Daehlie llamas 0.000
122Otto IsomPfantasy Fitness0.000
123Melissa FreemanLa Rayna Unida 0.000
124Delaney LumpkinLa Rayna Unida 0.000
125Zach HerridgeCatch Up and Mustard0.000
126Brandon RussellNanna’s Piranhas0.000

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