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Place User TeamPoints
1Celeste Alden Extra Celestial1,157.754
2Maeve Moening Moen Up 983.945
3Deb BlairTeeeeeeam Nasty!766.487
4Claire Temali Ottomatic Victory654.362
5Kathryn Audette Don't Give A Ham643.253
6Molly Moening Extra Celestial579.900
7jen rusch Boylan' Hot548.583
8Grace McCulloch Certifiably Insane537.513
9Anna Schmidt Boylan' Hot537.388
10Lucy Lipscomb L. L Bananas524.547
11Erica Meyers Moen Up 523.859
12Keiko Hilmo Don't Give A Ham508.632
13Gretchen Sage-MartinsonMid/Distance Football 492.817
14Angela Lindsay-JohnsonL. L Bananas490.660
15Sara FabelDon't Give A Ham471.117
16Adeline FabelL. L Bananas460.977
17Kristen Ostendorf Buzzing around 450.853
18Caroline Harding Don't Give A Ham430.125
19Sandy GrossL. L Bananas425.367
20Silja Earl-Torniainen L. L Bananas417.558
21Audrey Miller Mid/Distance Football 381.600
22Marcy HartfordThe Hackers379.650
23Renee SwansonBuzzing around 372.560
24Jaclyne JandroMoen Up 366.998
25Danielle HilmoL. L Bananas325.083
26Rayna AxelsonFrantastik!306.598
27Dawn ZugayL. L Bananas302.750
28Ellie EgbertBoylan' Hot301.850
29Berit NelsonFrantastik!300.758
30Delia Johnson Boylan' Hot299.557
31Tiffany Johnson Wortman Moen Up 294.477
32Sabine KrallTeam String Bean251.917
33Angie CorbettFrantastik!251.633
34Jennifer KrzmarzickMid/Distance Football 241.140
35Eileen MoeningDon't Give A Ham234.710
36Lauren MendozaExtra Celestial229.230
37Anna Gregg EscalanteBuzzing around 221.457
38Jean SageTeam String Bean211.567
39Anita TerryBuzzing around 211.550
40Stephanie AldenL. L Bananas209.910
41Elsa SnowbeckDon't Give A Ham206.230
42Rose BoylanBoylan' Hot200.300
43Frances AtmoreFrantastik!176.242
44Mackenzie MazhariTeeeeeeam Nasty!175.607
45Eleanor SmithTeeeeeeam Nasty!173.480
46Erin MoeningExtra Celestial138.093
47Catherine DonohueTeeeeeeam Nasty!128.100
48Rebeca EscalanteMid/Distance Football 117.230
49Linnea KrallOttomatic Victory96.000
50Stephanie HulanderDon't Give A Ham93.133
51Johanna HardingOttomatic Victory89.123
52Veronica SannesDon't Give A Ham81.750
53Sophia HaleyDon't Give A Ham78.650
54Lia WallaceL. L Bananas76.167
55Alison NoahFrantastik!61.933
56Ruquiya EgalExtra Celestial0.000

iFantasyFitness: Train Competitively

iFantasyFitness is Highland Park Cross Country's way of summer training. By training competitively, the team gets stronger.

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