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Place User TeamPoints
1Eli Sage-Martinson Ottomatic Victory1,336.024
2Ben Earl-Moseley Teeeeeeam Nasty!1,283.561
3Ian Boylan Boylan' Hot988.474
4Nathaniel Alden Buzzing around 987.948
5Oliver Paleen Buzzing around 930.560
6Joey Temali The Hackers912.969
7Brad Moening Team String Bean839.667
8Parker Johnson Don't Give A Ham825.401
9Sid Gross Teeeeeeam Nasty!740.833
10Aidan Alme Boylan' Hot684.000
11Zelealem Keleta Buzzing around 667.200
12Darin Mather The Hackers651.700
13Marcus Hansen Boylan' Hot637.663
14Jeremy AldenBuzzing around 636.620
15Kristofer Johnson The Hackers633.442
16Conor Gregg Certifiably Insane617.002
17Paul JohnsonFrantastik!600.010
18Micah Mather Certifiably Insane594.700
19Alex Pfankuch Ottomatic Victory563.000
20Calvin Boone Moen Up 535.767
21David ZeitchickCertifiably Insane527.200
22Cole JohnsonTeeeeeeam Nasty!519.215
23Theo Sage-Martinson Team String Bean510.920
24Jonathan Sage-Martinson Moen Up 496.483
25Benny HughesCertifiably Insane485.233
26Noah Campbell Mid/Distance Football 483.343
27Avery Farmer Mid/Distance Football 468.283
28Otto Schmidt Ottomatic Victory467.195
29Adam SwansonExtra Celestial453.008
30Samuel Vanspriell Buzzing around 414.367
31Quincy Altman Team String Bean388.500
32Chris Jandro Moen Up 383.128
33Evan Schroeder The Hackers376.398
34Ed Shaw Certifiably Insane373.492
35Emmett DonohueTeeeeeeam Nasty!363.650
36Will Robertson Mid/Distance Football 303.633
37Joshua MasonTeam String Bean280.517
38Max GrossTeeeeeeam Nasty!261.600
39Jesse BreljeL. L Bananas252.920
40Nicolas AmannBoylan' Hot250.133
41Jeffrey Schmidt Ottomatic Victory248.500
42Charlie TerryExtra Celestial228.760
43Andrew NoeckerMoen Up 220.157
44Patrick BoylanTeeeeeeam Nasty!216.167
45Eric BoylanCertifiably Insane207.092
46Matt LorahTeam String Bean206.333
47Rodg SageTeam String Bean200.667
48Kevin Harding Frantastik!199.967
49John GreggCertifiably Insane198.433
50Will AltmanTeam String Bean189.920
51Boomer Moening Extra Celestial189.500
52Kaiden ThiersMoen Up 189.319
53Axel LangeBuzzing around 188.803
54Craig Farmer Ottomatic Victory178.333
55Jack JohnsonMoen Up 159.128
56Jesse PetersonMid/Distance Football 156.783
57Justin TaylorThe Hackers147.317
58Bode FarmerExtra Celestial145.190
59Tawfeeq AkindeleMid/Distance Football 126.300
60Henry WortmanOttomatic Victory122.027
61Alex POttomatic Victory101.833
62Drew Strautman Frantastik!100.867
63Matt McKinneyMid/Distance Football 100.000
64Felix HengelfeltCertifiably Insane94.523
65Tristin SchulzThe Hackers87.250
66Declan FlynnThe Hackers75.000
67Buddy DonohueFrantastik!65.300
68Steven yangTeam String Bean60.433
69Liam MorrisseyBoylan' Hot58.067
70Beau SannesBoylan' Hot9.080
71Harry PretelThe Hackers0.000
72Sad E LightFrantastik!0.000
73Smithers PaleenExtra Celestial0.000
74Awad BawazirThe Hackers0.000
75Isaiah VogesCertifiably Insane0.000

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iFantasyFitness is Highland Park Cross Country's way of summer training. By training competitively, the team gets stronger.

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