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Place User Team Biking
1Maeve MoeningYammin' 1,239
2Brad MoeningStar Spangled Hammers 1,237
3Paul JohnsonRidin' into the Danger Zone 1,206
4Adam SwansonVO2 the MAX 843
5Emmett DonohueRidin' into the Danger Zone 717
6Jeremy AldenThe Nortuggers 661
7Cole JohnsonRidin' into the Danger Zone 657
8Stephanie AldenThe Nortuggers 550
9Angela Lindsay-JohnsonThe Maplelag Løpers 525
10Noah CampbellHustlers (The Running Kind) 507
11Jesse BreljeLifting Only 425
12Sandy GrossPushing The Pace 369
13Jack JohnsonThe Maplelag Løpers 364
14Gordon MeyersLifting Only 362
15Frances AtmoreThe Combat Wombats 329
16Joey TemaliThe Nortuggers 329
17Kathryn AudetteThe Maplelag Løpers 321
18Celeste AldenLifting Only 313
19Conor Gregg EscalanteVO2 the MAX 311
20Matt LorahHustlers (The Running Kind) 310
21Matthew McKinneyRidin' into the Danger Zone 268
22Ian BoylanVO2 the MAX 266
23Kristen OstendorfHustlers (The Running Kind) 257
24Erica MeyersThe Combat Wombats 229
25Calvin BooneVO2 the MAX 226
26Tristin SchulzLifting Only 217
27Marcy HartfordYammin' 186
28Catherine DonohueThe Combat Wombats 185
29Lucy LipscombNutter Butters 175
30Ed ShawThe Combat Wombats 139
31Eric BoylanThe Maplelag Løpers 135
32Angie CorbettHustlers (The Running Kind) 130
33Steven SchmittThe Nortuggers 128
34Nathaniel AldenThe Nortuggers 123
35Keiko HilmoHustlers (The Running Kind) 112
36Avery FarmerRidin' into the Danger Zone 102
37Tiffany Johnson WortmanHustlers (The Running Kind) 100
38Sabine KrallMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 89
39Anita TerryYammin' 88
40Amarah OttoThe Nortuggers 87
41Kristofer JohnsonPushing The Pace 75
42Otto SchmidtVO2 the MAX 72
43Veronica SannesHustlers (The Running Kind) 71
44Caroline KrallYammin' 71
45Darin MatherMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 69
46Patrick BoylanYammin' 69
47Claire TemaliYammin' 66
48Adeline FabelStar Spangled Hammers 64
49Grant PalasPushing The Pace 60
50Berit NelsonRidin' into the Danger Zone 53
51Collin HartoghHustlers (The Running Kind) 51
52Lia WallaceNutter Butters 51
53Linnea KrallThe Nortuggers 51
54Marcus HansenRidin' into the Danger Zone 51
55Parker JohnsonVO2 the MAX 49
56Maya SchmittStar Spangled Hammers 49
57Johanna HardingPushing The Pace 48
58Molly MoeningYammin' 48
59Gabriel PfeifferPushing The Pace 47
60Henry WortmanNutter Butters 47
61Jennifer KrzmarzickRidin' into the Danger Zone 47
62Sid GrossYammin' 44
63Anna SchmidtThe Combat Wombats 43
64Laura DonovanPushing The Pace 42
65Caroline HardingStar Spangled Hammers 41
66Grace McCullochThe Nortuggers 40
67Susan MatherThe Maplelag Løpers 38
68Anna EngelhardtHustlers (The Running Kind) 35
69Angel Hernandez-RomeroStar Spangled Hammers 30
70Danielle HilmoMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 27
71Donovan McGeeThe Combat Wombats 27
72Oliver PaleenNutter Butters 26
73Adam MeyersThe Maplelag Løpers 22
74Alex PfankuchVO2 the MAX 21
75Ben Earl-MoseleyMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 18
76Laura MazhariMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 15
77Jeffrey SchmidtLifting Only 15
78Mackenzie MazhariMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 14
79Libby PearsonLifting Only 13
80Elsa CournoyerThe Combat Wombats 11
81Lila-Rose InsookThe Nortuggers 10
82Clara JacksonThe Combat Wombats 9
83Sara ChirhartVO2 the MAX 8
84Annika HaleyNutter Butters 7
85Grace HaleyPushing The Pace 7
86Dan MattimiroThe Maplelag Løpers 7
87Julia StrautmanVO2 the MAX 5
88Ellen WegnerPushing The Pace 3
89Carolyn KellyThe Combat Wombats 3
90Natalie StraussVO2 the MAX 3
91Erin MoeningNutter Butters 0
92Sad E LightMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 0
93Drew StrautmanLifting Only 0
94Mimi MejiaLifting Only 0
95Mike ReederPushing The Pace 0
96Eileen MoeningStar Spangled Hammers 0
97Micah MatherThe Combat Wombats 0
98Mary ReederMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 0
99Will KellyMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 0
100Tim DonovanYammin' 0
101Don ReederThe Maplelag Løpers 0
102Paula BoeYammin' 0
103James WestbyThe Combat Wombats 0
104Craig FarmerThe Nortuggers 0
105Kami Hanson-BestMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 0
106Tate BoslerNutter Butters 0
107Sophia HaleyNutter Butters 0
108Stephanie HulanderStar Spangled Hammers 0
109John KellyRidin' into the Danger Zone 0
110Janelle KellyNutter Butters 0
111Silja Earl-TorniainenStar Spangled Hammers 0
112Madison LindemanLifting Only 0
113Salvador VegaStar Spangled Hammers 0
114Damyan HartNutter Butters 0
115Mike KellyHustlers (The Running Kind) 0
116Cameron GuestPushing The Pace 0
117Nancy GalliganLifting Only 0
118Zakariya MazhariMake Some Mayhem, Get Some Point 0
119Nik StraussYammin' 0
120Harry PretelRidin' into the Danger Zone 0
121Nick SeidlStar Spangled Hammers 0
122Jacob WahlbergThe Maplelag Løpers 0
123Joe PaquetThe Maplelag Løpers 0

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