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Place User TeamPoints
1Erin Moening JDiggs Cult818.962
2Samara KroegerSamara's Real Team774.238
3Noah Campbell All the Way Ternt Up772.337
4Erica Meyers Project Freelancer768.634
5Collin Hartogh All the Way Ternt Up704.580
6Abram Donovan Just Go... They'll Stop649.917
7Amarah Otto Team Fighting John580.580
8Catherine Donohue Just Go... They'll Stop563.595
9Kristofer Johnson Golden State Warriors523.781
10Harry PretelJDiggs Cult511.918
11Julia Strautman The Running Moen500.617
12Mike Reeder Team Fighting John462.751
13Eva Clelland 1.21 Gigawatts460.371
14Caroline Krall Skittles United FC440.017
15Micah Mather Blair Family and Co.418.040
16Maya SchmittSamara's Team392.687
17Tim Krall Team Fighting John373.000
18Keiko Hilmo 1.21 Gigawatts372.283
19Henry Wortman Golden State Warriors370.609
20Taylor KmochHot Tamale!347.067
21Gabriel PfeifferJDiggs Cult341.702
22Tessa Newman-HeggieProject Freelancer311.892
23Salvador VegaThe Basque Team266.167
24John Kelly Team Fighting John259.697
25Riley ChaseJust Go... They'll Stop258.450
26Ramona WhiteThe Basque Team253.200
27Veronica Lewis1.21 Gigawatts240.967
28Max MuterJust Go... They'll Stop220.433
29Olivia Atmore All the Way Ternt Up216.250
30Claire FengThe Running Moen213.867
31Mackenzie MazhariSamara's Team156.330
32Paige Bosler1.21 Gigawatts146.860
33Ian BlairBlair Family and Co.146.733
34Maeve GimplThe Running Moen92.550
35Tristan NobleHot Tamale!77.600
36Samuel HermannTeam Fighting John77.333
37Isak BowronSamara's Real Team75.683
38Elsa CournoyerSamara's Team70.267
39Matt BluhmThe Basque Team67.667
40Damyan HartSkittles United FC64.043
41Taylor NobleThe Basque Team63.833
42Annika RuppertJDiggs Cult59.390
43Angel Hernandez-RomeroThe Basque Team51.397
44Ray AmsdenProject Freelancer49.600
45Moises CortesBlair Family and Co.48.000
46Elizabeth Pearson1.21 Gigawatts41.130
47Alex FryeSamara's Real Team28.500
48Adam RosenthalThe Running Moen19.000
49Misha PrasolovJust Go... They'll Stop11.730
50Kieran ManeelySamara's Team6.000
51Jack McKennaSamara's Team0.000
52David WhiteThe Basque Team0.000
53Noah LindseyBlair Family and Co.0.000

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iFantasyFitness is Highland Park Cross Country's way of summer training. By training competitively, the team gets stronger.

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