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Place User TeamRunning
1Grant Palas a two sided shape600.010
2Abram Donovan Cream Cheese Won Tons513.100
3Ben Earl-Moseley Who Let the Dogs Out513.010
4Riley Quinlan Team Discovery Channel512.000
5Micah Mather Bubbli Tose459.100
6Jennifer Strautman Dream of the Blue Turtles443.250
7Darin Mather First Place/Misfits400.650
8Tim Krall Dream of the Blue Turtles400.000
9Daniel Mattimiro Bubbli Tose391.500
10Emma Weber B.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect)343.850
11Brad Moening B.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect)333.800
12Clara Jackson Team Clarf 2.0325.600
13Wendy Surprise Big Come Ups325.150
14James Westby a two sided shape316.580
15Elana Breitenbucher Big Come Ups313.730
16Jesse Brelje Big Come Ups309.600
17Annika Haley First Place/Misfits302.250
18Mimi Mejia Who Let the Dogs Out300.110
19Julia Strautman Dream of the Blue Turtles300.100
20Elsa Cournoyer B.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect)300.000
21Erin Moening Team Discovery Channel256.200
22Drew Strautman Team Discovery Channel253.020
23Susan Mather Dream of the Blue Turtles250.570
24Elowyn Pfeiffer Cream Cheese Won Tons224.640
25Erica Meyers Team Clarf 2.0220.060
26Tate Bosler Mango-a-Go-Go218.210
27Jennifer Clelland B.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect)212.200
28Elizabeth Pearson Team Clarf 2.0204.670
29Laura Donovan Mango-a-Go-Go204.200
30Linnea Krall Who Let the Dogs Out199.000
31Olivia Atmore Cream Cheese Won Tons192.500
32Janet Palas Team Discovery Channel187.000
33Michael Reeder Mango-a-Go-Go183.100
34Paul Johnson Mango-a-Go-Go168.600
35Chris Sachs First Place/Misfits165.664
36Catherine Donohue Dream of the Blue Turtles164.610
37John Kelly Mango-a-Go-Go153.550
38Caroline Krall Team Clarf 2.0152.110
39Keiko Hilmo B.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect)149.610
40Kristofer Johnson Cream Cheese Won Tons133.500
41Tim Donovan Mango-a-Go-Go132.500
42Jon Westby a two sided shape123.600
43Eva Clelland Cream Cheese Won Tons121.150
44Lydia Newman-Heggie Big Come Ups116.860
45Thomas Bagnoli First Place/Misfits108.900
46Kristen Ostendorf Staff Inc.103.400
47Sid Gross Bubbli Tose102.800
48Abby Holmquist Staff Inc.101.100
49Kevin Brochman Who Let the Dogs Out100.700
50Wendy LutterTeam Clarf 2.090.740
51Mango KriegerMango-a-Go-Go90.540
52Amarah OttoTeam Clarf 2.088.640
53Tianna PotterMango-a-Go-Go82.000
54Alex FryeB.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect)81.700
55Angie CorbettStaff Inc.80.100
56Paul Schulz DDSBubbli Tose79.000
57Henry WortmanBubbli Tose77.000
58Sabine KrallTeam Clarf 2.074.000
59Matt LorahDream of the Blue Turtles72.100
60Jack McKennaa two sided shape70.730
61Caroline HardingWho Let the Dogs Out68.290
62Andy TimmerStaff Inc.62.100
63Isak BowronBubbli Tose55.900
64Jenny SundbergHardcore Staff50.950
65Samara KroegerBubbli Tose49.650
66Angel Hernandez-RomeroB.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect)45.700
67Sovigne GardnerBubbli Tose43.450
68David StrautmanMango-a-Go-Go41.750
69Maya SchmittWho Let the Dogs Out39.750
70Jack JohnsonDream of the Blue Turtles38.360
71David WhiteTeam Discovery Channel37.500
72Rob ThurstonTeam Clarf 2.033.500
73Julia ConnlyTeam Clarf 2.032.400
74Eric BoslerMango-a-Go-Go26.000
75Tristin SchulzCream Cheese Won Tons25.500
76Carolyn KellyWho Let the Dogs Out24.500
77Edward ShawWho Let the Dogs Out23.500
78Parker JohnsonWho Let the Dogs Out22.510
79Jesse MccannHardcore Staff21.000
80Angela Lindsay-JohnsonBig Come Ups14.000
81Mackenzie MazhariFirst Place/Misfits11.800
82Kieran ManeelyDream of the Blue Turtles10.000
83Ian BlairFirst Place/Misfits10.000
84Leah KanihanCream Cheese Won Tons9.400
85Diana MortonStaff Inc.6.000
86Rob SahliHardcore Staff6.000
87Erik Peterson-NafzigerHardcore Staff5.600
88Gabriel PfeifferFirst Place/Misfits5.500
89Nicolas AmannTeam Clarf 2.04.000
90Kaitlin GouletTeam Clarf 2.04.000
91Alison SchroederStaff Inc.3.200
92Corinne GarberTeam Discovery Channel2.200
93Mark IdstromBig Come Ups0.000
94David ZeitchickHardcore Staff0.000
95Eileen MoeningB.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect)0.000
96Peter KvammeHardcore Staff0.000
97Harry Pretela two sided shape0.000
98Misha PrasolovBubbli Tose0.000
99Oliver PaleenTeam Discovery Channel0.000
100Gabriel MendozaTeam Discovery Channel0.000
101Adam Rosenthala two sided shape0.000
102Grace Gardnera two sided shape0.000

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