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Place User TeamPoints
1Tim Krall To Kool879.800
2Abram Donovan Calves & Co.851.622
3Erin Moening To Kool813.503
4Erica Meyers Mimi's Dream Team723.923
5Tianna Potter 1-800-eat-dust715.420
6Caroline Krall Radical Octopi700.587
7Micah Mather Calves & Co.592.103
8Harry PretelRies Inc550.167
9Keiko Hilmo 1-800-eat-dust513.428
10Kristofer Johnson Team TRUU477.000
11Matt Lorah Radical Octopi455.826
12Gabriel Pfeiffer1-800-eat-dust455.447
13Linnea Krall Mimi's Dream Team429.600
14Amarah OttoMimi's Dream Team367.887
15Eva ClellandRadical Octopi356.633
16Kieran ManeelyTeam Fighting Tate350.133
17Mango KriegerTeam TRUU249.750
18Salvador Vega To Kool230.643
19Maya SchmittTeam Clarf226.944
20Leah KanihanTeam Fighting Tate210.000
21Drew StrautmanCalves & Co.174.150
22Olivia Atmore Team Fighting Tate140.833
23Abbey Murray-StarkTo Kool107.000
24Henry WortmanRadical Octopi101.607
25David WhiteCalves & Co.33.667
26Edward ShawMimi's Dream Team6.333

iFantasyFitness: Train Competitively

iFantasyFitness is Highland Park Cross Country's way of summer training. By training competitively, the team gets stronger.

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Copyright © Highland Park Cross Country 2012-2019DFTBA